Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Bing Desktop

For my personal computer (which runs Ubuntu Linux), I always have photos of my family or artistic/scenic photos that I have taken as my wallpaper. At work on the other hand, I have discovered Microsoft's Bing Desktop for Windows on my Windows 7 desktop.

If you have a Windows based computer, enjoy having a good photo as your computer's background, and enjoy seeing different photographic works (who doesn't enjoy discovering new photos?), I would definitely recommend giving the Bing Desktop a shot. The program will change your computer's wallpaper everyday with the current Bing homepage wallpaper. Everything from wildlife photography to photos from the International Space Station - many fantastic  photos will grace your computer screen.

The program must autostart if you want the rotating desktop wallpaper, so if you don't want Bing's search program open all the time you will have to exit it out manually each day. A small extra step, but worth it to have a new photo everyday.



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