Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Zazzle Store

Life with little kids is a very busy, but very fulfilling life. One of the side effects if you will, of this busy life is less time for the not so important items on the check list. Such as updating a blog. While I have plenty of ideas and content I am working on, after working all day (in front of a computer) my kiddos take priority over sitting in front of a computer again.

One of the items on my check list was to create a Zazzle store for photo prints made from my photos. I have the store created, and started with a few photos uploaded with products created and ready to go.

Store is very basic right now, with a few canvas prints and some cell phone cases in the product list from a few of my photos. There are more planned as I sort through my favorite and best photos to upload and create more options from.

Take a look and enjoy!



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