Monday, June 4, 2012

Resynthesizer samples from GIMP 2.8

As I mentioned in my last post, I had some working samples of the resynthesizer plugin available for the GIMP. The photo was taken in Ocean Shores and should make for a good example of the types of photos that work best to use the resynthesizer plugin to remove specific elements from an image.

First up is the unaltered photo, complete with old copyright text leftover from my full on standalone site days.

Next we have four separate elements cloned out using the resynthesizer plugin: the car, kite, gull and copyright text. The text and kite were simple removals by selecting them with the rectangle select tool and running the plugin. When it comes to the car and gull, each were masked out prior to running the resynthesizer. With my experiments to date, I have found that between 25 and 75 seems to be the magic radius range that produces the best results.

And for fun, since this photo in either form does not comply with some basic composition guidelines, I created a second image with the gull moved.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing what can be accomplished with a little work using open source software.



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