Monday, November 12, 2012

A Diaper Bag Can Double As A Camera Bag

Here is a quick tip for those with babies in diapers: a diaper bag can double as a camera bag in a pinch - or just double up its usefulness for a day if you don't want to bring your regular camera bag for the day's activities.

When my family and I headed out for the annual Pumpkin Pitch event in our community, I didn't want to bring the camera case and have to lug it around the event or leave it in the car and tempt trouble. With the 55-300mm lens on the camera body, I tucked the smaller 18-55mm in a lens pouch and placed it snugly in the diaper bag. I wouldn't end up using the smaller lens, but it was nice knowing it was close by just in case.

The diaper bag was also a inconspicuous camera concealer for the trip home when we stopped to do some grocery shopping. One (very quick!) stop we left the bag in the car with a jacket covering part of it and the longer stop I just slung it over my shoulder and we were able to shop with out worrying about a camera left in the car.



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