Monday, April 15, 2013

Long Exposure of Tulips at Night

I had some free time and had been wanting to explore some long exposure night photography for a while now. And after taking the shots I had been mulling over in my head for a while, I came across a weekly challenge post on Digital Photography School - a photo site I will occasionally frequent.

The weekly challenge was titled "Seasonal" and being on the long exposure train of thought at the time - I thought it could make an interesting photo to do a long exposure of some tulips. This would fit into the topic and made for an easy shot to get with out wandering too far in the cold night that was approaching midnight (though closer to 11:00 still).

Long Exposure Tulips

It was a fun shot to take, and one I am sure not many people do. The glow from the nearby street light and the resulting colors sure presents a look you wouldn't normally see when dealing with photographs of flowers. A selection of the other night photos I took that evening will be following in a post to come, stay tuned.



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