Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013 Tulip Field Photos

May is coming to a close and the local Tulip festival that concluded at the end of April seems like ancient history. And while many plants are still in bloom, the tulips prefer colder weather and have all either been topped by bulb producers or have lost their petals naturally.

Tulips make fantastic photos every year, and this year I really only had a brief window for photos. With a nine month old, schedules revolve around the little one and my wife and I were just able to make the locals night at one of the local tulip fields toward the end of the evening. It was a cooler and cloudy evening but it was my one shot for tulip photos this year.

Tulip Reflections
Tulip Reflections

Pink Tulips & Lady Liberty
Pink Tulips and Lady Liberty

Tulip Town Fields
Tulips and the Barn at Tulip Town

Red Tulip Town Tulips
Red Tulips at Tulip Town

More photos next season, stay tuned.



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