Monday, June 17, 2013

Collapsed Skagit River Bridge At Night

The saga of no bridge continues in our usually quite and low key valley. Construction crews are working on the temporary replacement span and we should have I5 available again sometime this week.

The other day I stopped by my usual observation area after sunset and took a few pictures of the night crew working on the bridge. I am really enjoying the ability to do some night photography now that I have an SLR and the remote cable release makes it much more pleasant - a must have for any longer exposure photography with a tripod. In fact, any tripod work is better with the cable release.

Collapsed Skagit River Bridge at Night #1
Panoramic of the bridge work

Collapsed Bridge at Night
Work crews at night

Once the temporary span is in place the area will get some relief from the traffic congestion. Then they will start building the permanent span next to the bridge and when they are ready to put it in place, we're looking at probably two weeks while they remove the temporary span and install the permanent one. What a crazy time this has been, looking forward to it being done with and everything back to normal.



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