Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Moon Rise and Other Night Photos

Now that I have a camera where I have full control over the settings, I have been enjoying doing some night photography. Another bonus of exploring night photography in the Pacific Northwest: come winter time its dark at 5:00pm so you are limited to when you can take photos unless your exploring long-exposure night shots!

Tonight I have two photos of the nearly full moon rising over the Skagit Valley the night before the July 12th, 2014 full moon. While I was outside taking the moon photos, I noticed my wife's hanging plant sitting near some of our solar lights that were actually lit. Thought the light patterns and reflections could make an interesting photo(s).

The Nearly Full Moon Rises
The Moon Rises Over the Valley

Nearly Full Moon Rising
The Rising Moon Over the Valley

Solar Light at Night
Solar Light

Solar Light at Night
Solar Light #2

With the sun retreating beyond the horizon sooner and sooner every night, it will be time to explore some more long exposure photography as our daylight hours will be minimal if any once I am off work during the week.



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