Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Home

Spring is synonymous with new beginnings and that is definitely the case with my photography blog. While I am keeping the domain name I have had for the last couple years (, finances do not allow for a renewal of the hosting package and I am now starting anew with this blogger blog and using Flickr to host my photo galleries and the images I will use in the blog.

I am excited for the new change as it will likely mean I will be easier to find and in many ways make it easier and less time consuming to update the blog, all the while being slightly less stressful by not having to deal with extra outgo for the hosted solution. I am currently working on getting images uploaded to my Flickr account, but have a start with a Black and White gallery and some images uploaded about three years ago before I had my own site.

Here is to the new adventure for the blog and one of the black and white images in the Flickr Gallery.

Canon Beach in Black and White



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