Friday, November 8, 2013

Old Photograph, New Perspective

It can be very interesting on how things in life change, or rather how our perceptions about a particular object or concept can change as we move forward in life.

The same goes for our perceptions about a given photograph, or the subject matter of that particular photograph.  For illustration, the below photo was one I took in 2001 on a trip to Ketchikan, Alaska. I took the photo because the advertised prices for gasoline were the highest I had ever seen at this point in my life.  Now I look at this picture and wonder if gas will ever be that cheap again.

On the image quality front, the image quality of the Polaroid digital camera I used seemed to be acceptable at that time (at least for the price of the camera). Now low end camera's in phones produce higher quality results than that particular camera did.

Likewise, when I upgraded to a 3.2 megapixel Minolta digital camera the image quality blew away the cheap 1.X MP Polaroid. And again, the upgrade to an ultra-compact Canon SD950 and then to a Nikon D5100 - the older camera just didn't look so amazing any more.



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