Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Picking The Right Lens For The Occasion

If you are like myself and countless other photography enthusiasts, your budget likely only allows (or allowed) for a consumer DSLR and the kit lens(es) contained in the bundle. Most of those bundled sets include an 18-55mm and a telephoto in the 55--200+ range. Having the two different zoom ranges will necessitate making a choice when setting out for a photo session, that is if your plans include only bringing the camera and the single attached lens. If you are not going to bring the other lens to swap on site, you'll want to have the right one for the scenes you will be seeing and the photographs you will be able to take.

Such is the situation I ran into a while back when taking a quick trip to a local park. Stroller in the SUV, my baby boy and I would head off to our destination on the other end of town for a little walk. Not wanting to bring the entire camera bag, or deal with swapping lenses on a short trip, I had put my 55-300mm lens on the camera expecting and hoping for a chance to see some local wildlife to photograph. What I ended up with was no wildlife around and some interesting clouds and opportunities for wider angle scenic photos. But alas, my 18-55mm was safe at home in the camera bag and any local wildlife was a no show.

In a situation like this, I can definitely see the appeal of lenses such as the 18-200mm or Tamron's 18-270mm. But on the flip side, limiting yourself to one lens that doesn't cover such a broad range can help you focus your photography and be forced to be creative to get a memorable photo in the given situation.



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