Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Meerkats at the Zoo

Not only is a local zoo a fun filled and educational afternoon, but they make great places for photography. The trip also makes a wonderful date, as was the case for my wife and I on our trip in the summer of 2010. One of my favorite exhibits they had that trip was the meerkats. These guys were fun to watch with no shortage of curiosity. They also seemed to be standing guard as if on sentry duty, all but the one on the right who is finding something quite interesting straight above them.

Curious Meerkats

Along with the meerkat photo, I also uploaded other shots and a new Flickr set for animals and wildlife. I also added a waterfall photo from Multnomah Falls to the Nature and Scenic set.

If you are looking for something to do for an afternoon, a casual and enjoyable day in the sun, consider a trip to the zoo. It will likely be a memorable several hours and you'll be able to come out with some great photos as well.



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