Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Spring Sunset

As I mentioned in my post from Monday night I love taking photos of a good sunset. There is just something about the nightly paintings God gives us that never gets old, either simply them observing or actively photographing the vibrant colors. Tonight's photo is the result of my drop everything and go take some photos impulse alluded to in Monday's post.

Spring Sunset

The sunset intensified while I was near the tulip fields and I ended up getting this shot, which was my favorite of the bunch. As I mentioned previously, I had a little off road adventure that occurred after my brain took a vacation from simple math, as in soft dirt + rain = MUD! That little excursion may have contributed to missing the shot I had initially set out to capture, but all was not lost as I came home with this photo that I am quite happy with. Another adventure in photography that led to a memorable photo with a memory and story to look back on with a laugh.



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