Friday, October 11, 2013

Sometimes Its Nice Not Having a Camera

At first not having a camera with you being a good thing might seem like an odd thought on a photography site/blog, but bear with me for a moment and you might see my perspective on the idea. I still really enjoy taking pictures, and many times when I do not have a camera on me I find myself looking at a view, local wildlife or a brilliant sunset and think to myself how great of a picture that particular moment in time would make. I had this this as a first thought during a round of golf with some friends but a couple days later I had a new thought and a new perspective on the situation...

On a nice June Monday while some friends and I were enjoying a nice round of golf at Avalon Golf Club, a deer wandered out of the woods and meandered across the grass probably no more than 40 yards in front of us while we were on the tee box. As mentioned earlier, my first thought was that I wish I had my camera, as the scene would have been nice photo op had I had a camera at the ready. After a couple days, I realized how much of a blessing it can be to not have a camera on hand. Instead of worrying about composition, amount of zoom and exposure levels, I was able to just take in the moment and watch the young buck make his way past us on that sunny June day.

Many times a sunset, mountain landscape or a walk graced by the local wildlife can be much more appreciated when viewed with out the distractions of a viewfinder or LCD screen. So I would encourage you, not to give up on your camera and photography, but not to be chained to it either. Take a moment and enjoy part of God's creation free of distractions and you might find the moment can be more enjoyable when it is just experienced as it happens.



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