Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Faces of Facebook

A new app has been making the news rounds lately, showing profile pictures for every Facebook profile. The Faces of Facebook as it is named, shows the photos when zoomed in and different colored pixels when zoomed out, below is a screen shot.

The zoomed out photo looks like nothing more than digital noise and I think aptly sums up the whole Facebook nonsense: Digital noise. An much like digital noise in a photograph detracts from the photo, the noise of Facebook distracts and detracts from life with no real value.

While on the subject, check out the following links to Non Sequitur comics that speak to the subject: Imaginary friend's and Pre-Internet Social Networking. I think both make great points personnaly.

My last thought on the subject for this post is a challenge to anyone with a Facebook account: take a four week unannounced break, a full on total blackout. Log out of the service on all web browsers you use, mobile apps etc... and change any email settings (or even create an email filter to bypass your in-box altogether) so you get as little email as possible from Facebook. And during that time see how many of your Facebook "Friends" make any effort to contact or communicate with you in any meaningful, personal or intentional way (and asking why you haven't been on Facebook doesn't count). And if the break goes well, consider continuing it from four weeks to four months, then move to four quarters, then four years. You just might discover life in a whole new light again.



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